Well I certainly never expected to be printing a scarf in my Elva chase but it is mini projects like this that make the overall chase such fun; I never know quite what I’ll be doing or investigating next.  All it takes is a flick through Elva’s paperwork and something I might have previously dismissed as irrelevant suddenly leaps out as an opportunity. This week it happened the other way around.  Knowing that Elva’s birthday is at the end of the month, I began researching the date for a birthday inspired post.  Nothing grabbed my attention, but I did happen to notice that September 27th is National Scarf Day.  Admittedly, I felt it slightly ridiculous at first to have a national day dedicated to scarves of all things but then a little light bulb began to flicker and I returned to Elva’s paperwork where this previously overlooked nugget of information lay in wait. national scarf day Needless to say, I saw this as a perfect chasing opportunity and set about finding a class in my area where I could create something similar.  I couldn’t find anything suitable but unperturbed, I continued exploring my options and delightedly found Nicola Davis Crafts.  Perfect.  Nicola sells fabulous little craft packs and I chose a tie-dye silk scarf kit in pink adding a little note that I needed it in time for the weekend so I could blog about it today (which now, was a week ago – but I’m working on my time management) Incredibly, I received a dispatch notification within 20 minutes and my kit landed within 24 hours.   Being both impatient and impulsive I abandoned all my chores and got straight down to it. OK, so it’s certainly not coronation exhibition worthy, but as a hobby craft exercise I am delighted with it. Do you like it? IMG_1463 You can do one too – just visit https://www.nicoladaviscrafts.co.uk/